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Send your images to partecipate in Asferico 2017, one of the most important contest of naturalistic photography, arrived at its 11° edition.
In the 2017 edition of Asferico 2017, the total prize value will be higher than 10.000 €.
Participants may enter their images into eight categories. The overall winner, selected from the pool of winners of the eight categories, will receive 2.000 € cash + a 10 days trekking in Malawi * (value of approximately 1.600 € **) offred by AFRICA WILD TRUCK  + carbon gimbal type Carbon Z (approx. value of 1.000 € **) offred by ZENELLI .
Each of the remaining 7 winners will receive a prize of 500 € cash. Furthermore, 9 more photographer will be selected in each of the eight categories.
All winners and selected photographers will receive the catalogue of the contest, are invited to participate in the awards ceremony and to attend the gala dinner during Asferico 2016 Photofestival.

* Travel expenses to/from Malawi not included.
** Non-cash prizes not redeemable for cash.







The competition is open to amateur or professional photographers of any age or nationality.
2. Subscription fee for photographer is € 25,00.
3. Each entrant is allowed a total of thirty (30) entries into the Adult Competition, such total is intended to be distributed freely across the different categories.
4. Participation is exclusively on line on the website www.asferico.com/concorso .
5. Any contact with the Owners should be only via the email address:
photocontest@asferico.com . Any entrant will be responsible for her/his own security/spam restrictions. In order to avoid the loss of any communication from Asferico Staff, please verify your own restrictions.
6. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to the Rules. English and Italian are the languages used by the staff and for the final texts inside the catalogue.
7. Digital files and scan slides are accepted. Files editing is permitted only if limited to a basic cleaning (removal of stains due to dust on the camera sensor and noise reduction), slight saturation and contrast or adjustment of tonal values and curves. Cropping is allowed but must not exceed 35% of the original image area and always taking into account the effects on the final file sizes. Borders, signatures or watermarks should not be included into the images. The color space must be Adobe RGB (1998).
8. Digitally manipulated images are not accepted except the ones complying with limits described in section 7). The image must remain an intact and faithful representation of shapes, behaviours or natural phenomena.
The following actions are not allowed
a) insertion or deletion of elements within the image,
b) merging two or more images (eg. photo stitching technique) or creating a sandwich of two or more slides,
c) multiple exposures are permitted only with native originated RAW from the camera (i.e. it will be admitted only the unique raw).
9. Images must be submitted in low resolution: each shot must have the longer side of 1920 pixels, resolution of 72 dpi and jpg format with weight not heavier than 3 MB. Renaming of files is not necessary.
10. Entrants will be contacted by email if the submitted image(s) has passed the pre-selection stage and instruction on how loading RAW and high resolution files, compulsory to enter the final phase of the competition, will be provided together with the communication. Every entrant will be able to track the progress of every single image online
11. High-resolution digital files in TIFF or JPEG formats must have the longer side measuring not less than 3000 pixels and the same cut and colour of the jpg image uploaded during the registration process. Original capture files as recorded by the camera with no manipulation in RAW or DNG are also required. If high resolution digital files and original capture files will not be submitted, the participant will be disqualified.
12.The jury may request the original slides if the scans will be considered as highlight or winning pictures. In case of non-receipt, the image will be disqualified.
Subjects must be photographed in their natural environment. Photos of pets and animals bred in captivity, birds in their nest as well as photos of cultivated plants or landscapes including human elements, will not be accepted. The jury reserves the right to reject images which may be in contrast with the ethic of the contest.
14. The judges will appreciate images not awarded in other contests and if possible unpublished
15. The jury selection will be according the following steps:
I. Image compliance: all the images submitted before the end of the contest will be verified by Asferico Staff in order to verify ONLY the compliance with clause 7 and 14.
II. Pre-selection: the jury will choose independently the images for the final selection.
III: Finale Selection: the jury will meet and select the awarded images
16. The Jury reserves the right to move entries from one category to another where applicable and appropriate;
17. The jury‘s decisions will be final.
18. Rejected images will not be refunded.
All the rights on photos entering the competition must be author’s property and be without bonds with agencies or publishers.
AFNI and Asferico, will be entitled to a free use of the winning and selected images, that will eventually be published in the magazine, in the competition catalogue, on websites or in brochures and calendars. Furthermore, photos may be showed in exhibitions related to the competition and whenever the organizers of the competition will deem it necessary. The names of images authors will always be mentioned.  



A - Landscape
The majesty of a scenario or the intimacy of a glimpse represent the inspiration of every photographer, who has to instill the feeling of amazement given by the uncontaminated nature.

B - Underwater worlds
The underwater world is unknown to most people. The submarine life (plants, animals or habitats), from marine to freshwater environments, is a fascinating subject and it can be portrayed with images able to tell their essence in a unique and unforgettable experience.

C - Mammals

D - Birds

E - Other animals
C – D – E The fantastic diversity of shapes, behaviors and relationships of the animal kingdom can be pictured through portraits, settings or action scenes able to instill the character or the soul of the subject in an original and exciting way.

F - Plants and fungi
The delicacy of a flower or the strength of an ancient tree are few examples of a biodiversity that can be portrayed in many different ways through the sensitivity of a careful observer.

G - Composition and forms
The beauty of nature can be resumed with imagination and creativity playing with shapes and colors and with blurry and reflections while looking for unique and personal visions.

H - Mimicry
Plants and animals have developed numerous and sometimes amazing forms of mimicry in order to hide themselves from the eyes of a predator or a prey. The images have to enhance this form of adaptation in an original way and convey the sense of wonder that we try in discovering it.




Laurie Campbell (United Kinkdom), wildlife photographer
Marco Colombo (Italy), wildlife photographer
Jasper Doest (The Netherlands), wildlife photographer
Marco Ferrari (Italy), scientific editor of Focus Magazine
Sergey Gorshkov (Russia), wildlife photographer


Novembre - 30 Dicembre 2016 Submit of images
31 December 2016 Pre-selection outcomes
2 ÷ 17 January 2017 Request for RAW, TIF or JPEG format files in high-resolution and image descriptions
23 ÷ 24 January 2017 Jury
30 January 2017 Notification of winners

Competition Rules