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Join to Asferico 2015 Photo Contest and take the chance to win of the  prestigious prize awards for a total amount of € 10.000.


You can submtit your photos for 8 different categories. The overall winner, selected among the 8 category winners, will receive € 2.000 and a week journey in Africa (value: € 1.500).


Each category winner will win photographic equipments and the Asferico 2015 Catalogue. Also the 9 finalists for each category will receive the Asferico 2015 Catalogue. All the finalists and the winners will be invited to the Award Cerimony.




  • A -  Landscape
    Images must capture the majesty of large natural sceneries or the intimacy of narrow glimpses and, in any case, should convey a sense of wonder and wilderness.

  • B - Underwater world
    The underwater world is unknown to most people.
    Thousands of creatures of all shapes and sizes, from marine to freshwater environments, are fascinating subjects whose life can be portrayed with a click able to tell their essence in a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • C - Mammals
    D - Birds
    E -  Other animals

    C – D – E Images must show the behavior of animals through portraits, environments or action scenes that convey the character or soul of the subject in an original and exciting way.

  • F -  Plants and fungi
    The delicacy of a flower or the strength of an ancient tree are few examples of a biodiversity that can be portrayed in many different ways through the sensitivity of a careful observer.

  • G - Composition and forms
    The beauty of nature can be resumed with imagination and creativity playing with shapes and colors and with blurry and reflections while looking for unique and personal visions.

  • H - Natural Adversities
    Weather is not always so loving and friendly Sometimes the strength of a snow storm or a heavy shower can surprise the photographer and the situation can be very difficult and sometimes dangerous, but inspiring too. So be inspired by the violent strenght of Nature.


Georg Kantioler (Italy), wildlife photographer
Hans Strand (Sweden), landscape photographer
Iñaki Relanzón (Spain), wildlife photographer
Marco Ferrari (Italy), scientific editor of Focus Magazine
Werner Bollmann (Germany), wildlife photographer






Download Guidelines >



Download Guidelines >